All our team have now finished playing for Season 2014.

SUPPORT OUR TEAMS PLAYING FINALS - Don't forget to purchase a Club Polo (pricing marked down - Finals Fever) for the game.

With the End of Season 2014 drawing to a close time to have a look at our teams:-

Sunday 14 September:-
Under 14 Div 1 put up a great comeback after half time to even the scores up, but sadly a couple of late tries by the oppisition saw them loose their Grand Final.  It was a great effort by the players.
Under 15 Prems broke a 17 year drought in this competition winninng convincingly over Waterford.  The last time Logan Brothers won a 15 Prems title was in 1997 when Corey Parker was the captain.  We done to all involved.
Southside Open 1s team bowed out of the competition loosing their Preliminary Final on Saturday
Playing Grand Finals - Under 15 Prems and Under 14 Div 1 (Albert Bishop Park)
Saturday 13 September:-
Playing Preliminary Final - Open 1 (Langlands Park)

Sunday 7 September:-
Under 13 Div 1 lost their preliminary final on Sunday.
Under 13 Prems dream season came to an end on Sunday with a loss, but these boys has already won the BBJC, Chairmans Trophy and finished Minor Premiers for the season.  They boys all played hard and did the club proud with their effort.
Under 14 Prems finished their season with a loss to an improved Wests side on Sunday, these boys has already won the BBJC and finished Minor Premiers for the season.  They boys didn't stop trying until the final whistle and did the club proud with their effort.
Playing Grand Finals - Under 13 Prems and Under 14 Prems
Playing Preliminary Finals - Under 13 Div 1
Through to Grand Finals 14 September - Under 14 Div 1 and Under 15 Prems.

Sunday 31st August:-
Under 11 Div 4 - Grand Finalists - Just lost their Grand Final, but had already played their biggest match of the season winning their Preliminary Final with only 12 Players.
Under 11 Div 3 - 2014 Minor Premiers and Premiers
Under 14 Div 2 - 2014 Minor Premiers and Premiers
Under 15 Div 2 - 2014 Minor Premiers and Premiers
Playing Grand Finals - Under 11 Div 3; Under 11 Div 4; Under 14 Div 2 and Under 15 Div 2.
Playing Preliminary Finals - Under 15 Div 1.
To Play Preliminary Final - Under 13 Div 1.
Through to Grand Final - Under 13 Prems; Under 14 Prems; Under 14 Div 1 and Under 15 Prems.

Sunday 24th August:-
Playing Preliminary Finals - Under 11 Prems; Under 11 Div 3; Under 11 Div 4; Under 12 Prems; Under 14 Div 2; and Under 18 Div 2.
Playing Semi Finals - Under 13 Prems; Under 13 Div 1; Under 14 Prems; Under 14 Div 1; Under 15 Prems and Under 15 Div 1.
Through to Grand Final - Under 15 Div 2.

Under 18 Girls - Finished Minor Premiers and won their Grand Final to bring home our first major trophy for the season.

The Season is Complete for - Under 12 Div 1; Under 12 Div 2; Under 13 Div 2; Under 15 Div 3; Under 16 Girls; Unde 16 Prems; Under 16 Div 1 and Under 18 Nev Blair.

Saturday 16 August & Sunday 17 August
Under 7, Under 8, Under 9 and Under 10 are all playing their last games Saturday 16 August (U7) and Sunday 17 August (U8;U9;U10) with the usual end of season Carnivals.
Semi Finals for - Under 11 Prems; Under 11 Div 3; Under 11 Div 4; Under 12 Prems; Under 14 Div 2; Under 15 Div 2 and Under 18 Div 2.
Teams with 1 round to go - Under 13 Prems; Under 13 Div 1; Under 14 Prems; Under 14 Div 1; Under 15 Prems; Under 15 Div 1; Under 16 Prems; Under 16 Div 1 and Under 18 Nev Blair.

Under 11 Div 1 - were sadly defeated in an Elimination Final on 10 August, but did extremley well to make it that far with some disruptions during the season.
Under 6 - played their last game on 9 August as part of a charity fundraiser held by Flagstone, Mustangs and Logan Brothers.

Under 18 Girls - Finished Minor Premiers and won their Grand Final to bring home our first major trophy for the season.

Check out where all the teams are playing and show your support.

Final Series Begins

This first of our teams to make the Finals are our UNDER 18 GIRLS team.   (Grand Finals)

Under 18 Girls - Minor Premiers and Premier for 2014. - Coached by Moses Kele


This is the inaugural season for the girls competition in the GBJRL with only a 10 week competition being played with 9 a side teams.  Logan Brothers Under 18 girls have been playing together for a couple of years in the Gold Coast competition and they have made it to the finals in fine style.  Sadly our Under 16 girls started the short season a little late which went against them, but they played great football and represented the club well.  We had girls join us that have not played Rugby League before and put in a great effort for Logan Brothers.

ARE YOU DOING ANYTHING SATURDAY - Now, we as a club, need to support the Under 18 Girls through the final series.  They have a qualifying final against Jimboomba this Saturday (26th July) at Cribb Park (29 Pelican Street, North Ipswich) kicking off at 4:00pm.  If you haven't had a chance to watch the girls play this season this would be a great opportunity to make the effort.  

Under 18 Girls won their qualifying final on the weekend, now for the Grand Final Saturday 2 August kicking off at 12:30pm at LES HUGHES SPORTS COMPLEX (Francis Road, Bray Park) - Host Club Pine Central.


Miss Logan Brothers

Age Groups - To enter a Girl in the Pageant is free.

5 to 8 Years  -  9 to 12 Years  -  13 to 18 Year

The winner in each age group will receive a sash, tiara and their photo on the wall with the previous winners.

The winner of the 13 to 18 year age group will be entered into the Miss GBJRL for the club.


Date:- 31st May 2014

Venue:- Logan Brothers Rugby League Club

Time:- 6:30pm

Entry Cost:- Adults $10; Child 7-10 $5; Under 6 Free

Application Form:-  Download Form  hand in at the club before Saturday.


Logan Brothers Representative Players -
          Current and our Future stars playing in Under 8s

Below is an article from this weeks Logan & Albert news on some of our Logan Brothers Under 15's players.  Most of these players have been with the club since Under 8s/ Under 9s, have trained hard to get to where they are now with help from our dedicated Volunteer Coaches. 

The club is proud of all our registered players whether they make Rep Sides or just play for fun.  Apart from the Under 15s the club also has a group of players currently competing as part of SEQ Poinsettias teams in a carnival in Cairns this Week.
Under 13s - Tepa Arokapiti, Stanley Jackson, Tahu Kingi, and Liam Su'a
Under 16s - Corey Allan, George Halaufia and Reece Manning
Under 16s Girls - Stephanie Earley

A story that has come to the clubs attention from an Under 8s Coach - "Hi my name is Jason Glover this is my 3rd season at Logan brother footy club.  I started coaching in 2012 with under 6s now we are at under 8s level.  During this time my boys have played 67 games including trials and carnival matches as a team.  I think the key to a great side is great parents that are dedicated and bring there boys to all trainings and games and the commitment of the boys themselves.  And the biggest thing is to have a good assistant coach like I have had since under 6s in Kane Trew we both have the same goals and together we plan to take the boys right to the top as they progress through there football careers . In closing I would like to thank Logan Brothers for giving me this chance to coach some of Logan's future NRL players."


We also had a couple of teams in the mini ranks of our club share players over the past weekend with other clubs when a few of their players could not get to the game.  Rather than out number them, they chose to even up the sides and have fun.  Under 7 Red (LB1 S4), Under 7 Yellow (S4) and Under 9 White (S4) all helped out their opposition teams.  With jerseys inside out or wearing opposition colours they played against their own team mates in the true spirit of the game.

7Red290614-009  7Red290614-036  9White290614-014



HOT NEWS - We have now registered an Under 16 & Under 18 Girls teams

Age Groups Competing
Under 18 - For those born in 1997 and 1996
Under 16 - For those born in 1999 and 1998

We still need some more players for the Under 16s team. 
The Girls are playing this weekend if you want to watch a game first.

Under 16 - Friday 6 June 8:30pm against Carina
                  at Leo Williams Oval (Creek Road, Carina)

Under 18 - Sunday 8 June 11:30am against Mustangs Pheonix
                  at Civic Park (Wembley Road, Logan Central)



Our Under 18 Girls had a great game for their first week with a good win over Norths Ipswich. 

The Greater Brisbane Junior Rugby League has added a Girls Competition this season, it kicks off today (Saturday 10 May 2014).

Age Groups Competing
Under 18 - For those born in 1997 and 1996
Under 16 - For those born in 1999 and 1998
Under 14 - For those borne in 2001 and 2000

Logan Brothers has a team registered in the Under 18's, we also have some girls signed up for the Under 16's but not enough YET to submit a team. 

The first game for our Under 18 Grils againt Norths Ipswich is being played Saturday Afternoon at 3:00pm the ground is Cribb Park.

We would love to get some more girls signed on.  If you are in the right age group and interested in playing come down to the club Monday night.

Basics of the Competition:-
9 a side on the field
Unlimited interchange
20 minute halves


From Stingers website  -



Sport continues to make inroads against male domination and the great game of Rugby League is no different. Whilst the numerous touch football associations have seen strong continuing growth in female participation, it is perhaps understandable that there is slower growth in the full contact version of the game. However, it is with great pleasure that the GBJRL sees the commencement of three Girls competitions this weekend. Each competition will run for 10 weeks and these competitions are now listed on the Stingers Website (look under fixtures).

Our Under 14 competition has 8 teams representing Deception Bay, Inala, St Josephs, Wynnum, North Ipswich, Pine Central HS and Waterford (2 teams).

Under 16s and Under 18s competitions have 3 teams each. Under 16 – North Ipswich, Carina and St Josephs and Under 18 – North Ipswich, Logan and Inala.

Any girls that are interested in trying Rugby League could contact their local clubs or one of the clubs listed above or contact the Football Manager Julie Lorraway 0427 731 024

Rugby League – Not Just for the Boys!