Welcome to Logan Brothers Rugby League Club - 2022 Junior Club of the Year  2016 Champion Club of the Year & 2015 Champion Club of the Year and Premier Club of the Year.  Logan Brothers is a proudly diverse multi-cultural club which promotes participation in the game with a positive or it's pointless attitude.  We are constantly growing with a player membership in 2015 of 780 junior players and 130 senior players.  Our club's mission is to create a family friendly environment where everyone can learn about the game of rugby league. 




We are Logan Brothers we are proud of our HIS-TOR-Y
As brothers-in-arms we play for VIC-TOR-Y
With the mighty leprechaun on our chest
When you play against us EXPECT THE BEST
We are many colours but we wear green, gold and white
And as a team, together we are DY-NA-MITE
We will never give in and we will never stop
Because Logan Brothers belong on TOP
We are Logan Brothers and we came to play
We are Logan Brothers and we WON TODAY!