PLEASE NOTE – With the number of teams at Logan Brothers we cannot please everyone.  Coaches submit their request, and that is put in place where possible.

COVID – All players and parents that enter the fields or clubhouse MUST check in with EVA QR Code, we are no longer able to do the handwritten ‘Check In’.

MUSTER POINT – It is requested that all players meet at a signed spot at the front of the club and someone will take you through to your training.

REGISTER – If you are NEW to Club Football, you MUST be registered prior to training.  There is the option of doing a Trial and Train is you are not sure about playing, but this must be completed in the clubhouse prior to training.  If you have played before you need to be RE-REGISTERED or have a TRANSFER in the system before training.

TrainingP1 14 02 2021

TrainingP2 14 02 2021

2021 Registrations are now open.

Go to website - playrugbyleague.com  to complete the online registration.

Junior Registration Form  PDF

Senior Registration Form  PDF

Coaches Applications  PDF


Logan Brothers Rugby League Club, Civic Centre Park, 170 Wembley Road, Logan Central


Saturday 30th January 2021 9am to 2pm; Sunday 31st January 2021 9am to 2pm;

Saturday 6th February 2021 9am to 2pm; Sunday 7th February 2021 9am to 2pm.
From Monday 8th February - Monday through to Wednesday evening from 5:30pm to 7:00pm


  • SIGN ON FEES: - $170 player Under 8 to Seniors - $150 per player Under 6 & Under 7.  All players in 2021 will receive a Shorts and Socks with payment of registration in full.  Junior registration also comes with Raffle Tickets for the chance to win 3 prizes to the total value of $10000 as part of sign on fees (or you can sell the tickets). Seniors can purchase Raffle Tickets from the club.
  • GAME DAY FEES: - For all players Under 6 to Under 18, $10 per week for games played is paid to your team Manager, who will then pay it to the club on behalf of the team.

PLEASE NOTE: - Failure to pay fees means you will not take the field on Game Day.

FAIR PLAY VOUCHERS – Round 4 Applications open 20 January 2021.  These are applied for separate to the club - https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/sports/funding/fairplay/apply .  If you are successful in applying for a Fair Play Voucher – you need to print it out, sign it and bring it to the club to pay registration fees.


  • ONLINE REGISTRATION – All players need to register online through playnrl.com . You have the option to pay online or pay at the club.
  • CLUB REGISTRATION – All players are required to complete and sign the club paperwork. This can be downloaded from our website or get a copy from the club.

PLEASE NOTE: - When registering online it is important you select the correct Member Type – Age is based on Year of Birth (ie 2015 is Under 6; 2011 is Under 10; 2007 is Under 14; 2003 is Under 18; 2002 starts the seniors).  If you wish to apply for the 18 Month rule – this MUST be done EVERY season when completing the online registration.  If you load up an ID Photo for the participant, it is to be Head and Shoulders ONLY.


  • NEW PLAYER – You are a New Player if you have never been registered with a Rugby League club in Australia or New Zealand. You will need to register online and make sure you load the correct documents; we can help you at the club with this. Child must have turned 5 before they can be registered.
  • TRANSFERRING PLAYER – You are a Transferring Player if the last time you registered to play Rugby League was at a different club to Logan Brothers.
  • RETURNING PLAYER – You last played Rugby League for Logan Brothers you will be a re-registering player.

PLEASE NOTE: - For Transferring or Returning Players if you cannot find your original record please let us help, do not set up a new record as it will only have to be deleted.

TRAINING – Seniors will commence preseason training the week beginning 11th January.  Juniors will commence training the week beginning 8th February (unless otherwise advised by the club through Facebook and website) – for juniors’ further information on days and times will be given closer to this date.


Under 6 to Under 11 – It is usually a case of players joining teams with their mates.  If they have played in previous seasons, then they will tend to go into the same team with the same coach.  Players need to ensure they are registered in the first couple of weeks if they are looking to get back into the same team as spots cannot be held past that period.  Coaches that have their applications in, and have been approved, will have their teams filled first.

Under 12 to Under 18 – These teams are graded, all players will start by training together as a group.  They will be allocated into teams based on skill level, fitness and attitude at training.  This will be done by the Div. 1 coach in each age group with the assistance of the coaching panel as required.

Seniors – Player allocation to teams is at the coach’s discretion in the seniors, will be based on number of players how many teams the club will run.


Coaching Appointments  2021 Season

Coaching Appointments



Thank you to ALL players who participated in the 2020 COVID Footy Season at Logan Brothers.

Logan Brothers presentation day held on 24 October was a great day, although a lot smaller than normal.  Let's hope 2021 sees things get back to normal so we can celebrate with ALL our players. 

The club would just like to thank our special presenters that assisted on the day:-

Sonia Smith - Cameron Smith Award

Lorraine Kramer - Mick Hunnisett Memorial Shield

Irene Read - Barry Read "Boots" Award

Teresa Lane - Councillor Logan City

Jon Raven - Deputy Mayor and Councillor Logan City

Cameron Dick - Club Patron, Member of Parliament Queensland

Jim Chalmers - Member of Parliament Australia

Wayne Smith - Rugby League Brisbane Board and 'Old Boys'

Allan Snow, Kev Grisinger, Garry Milne and Gary Winters for our 'Old Boys'.


2020 Awards

2020 7 10 Years