Logan Brothers Rugby League Club
Annual General Meeting 
Saturday 13 November  2:00pm
Civic Centre Park - Club Rooms
All Members are required to sign in
Doors will be closed at 2:00pm 
2022 Committee Applications

Do you have time to volunteer and help the club - Download the application  PDF

Complete the form, MUST BE signed off (PROPOSING MEMBERS - must be completed) and hand the form to the current club secretary.

The club will be open on Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 7pm to accept applications.

There are Position Descriptions available on the 'Contact Us' page.

Logan Brothers club has participated in the Anzac Day march for a number of years now, 2020 was an interruption to a great tradition.  Permission to march again in 2021 has been allowed and we would love to see as many members as possible to join us in their club shirts.Anzac Day 


PLEASE NOTE – With the number of teams at Logan Brothers we cannot please everyone.  Coaches submit their request, and that is put in place where possible.

COVID – All players and parents that enter the fields or clubhouse MUST check in with EVA QR Code, we are no longer able to do the handwritten ‘Check In’.

MUSTER POINT – It is requested that all players meet at a signed spot at the front of the club and someone will take you through to your training.

REGISTER – If you are NEW to Club Football, you MUST be registered prior to training.  There is the option of doing a Trial and Train is you are not sure about playing, but this must be completed in the clubhouse prior to training.  If you have played before you need to be RE-REGISTERED or have a TRANSFER in the system before training.

TrainingP1 14 02 2021

TrainingP2 14 02 2021

Coaching Appointments  2021 Season

Coaching Appointments