There has been various information released over the last week over revised restrictions limits for Stage 2 through a number of social media platforms, not all of these give the full information required for community sport to begin training.  There are number of conditions in place for clubs to commence training and also for future competitions. Please be aware that until it is confirmed by this club, training has not and will not be starting.  We need to ensure we have the appropriate procedures and policies in place prior to any plans being made for training, and the ability of the club to hold games.  The first of these steps are being undertaken by doing a clean and disinfecting all the buildings and equipments at the club.

Thank you for your patience so far and over the coming weeks, we will be finalising our protocols in regards to COVID-19 and the ability to train and use our venue in conjunction with QRL and QLD government legislation.  Once everything is in place we will call a Coaches meeting to ensure they are aware of all the procedures, at this time new training schedules and protocols etc will be issued.  This is going to be a massive effort from all involved and will require co-operation from all our members.

RESOURCES - https://www.qrl.com.au/return-to-play/game-training-day-operations/

You can access the RETURN TO PLAY HANDBOOK for your own information, and other information the club is required to adhere to.

The guidelines and procedures are being developed to support the return of community rugby league and prioritise the health and well being of all our players and the general safety of the wider community.  They are be designed in consultation with QRL as well as community rugby league stakeholders with the understanding that they are necessary to enable the return of community rugby league in 2020.  These procedures are being reviewed on a regular basis and updated.

We just ask you continue being patient as we work our way through implementing these new procedures and setting up the new policies.


Duane Antcliff


Logan Brothers Rugby League Club Inc.


Letter to Parents  PDF

Sister Kath memorial

Funeral Service - Sister Kathleen Carroll   PDF Page 1 - 6  PDF Page 7 - 12

Sister Kath Carroll

Message received by the club from Kate Eggar which just shows what a truly remarkable women the Sister Francis was.

Kate Eggar

Logan Brothers club has participated in the Anzac Day march for a number of years now, it is a tradition started to show our support to those that have served their country.  Even though we cannot march this year we would like to see as many of our members still participate in Anzac Day commemorations.  PDF

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 Below one of the many options to listen to a service.

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