Logan Brothers Representative Players -
          Current and our Future stars playing in Under 8s

Below is an article from this weeks Logan & Albert news on some of our Logan Brothers Under 15's players.  Most of these players have been with the club since Under 8s/ Under 9s, have trained hard to get to where they are now with help from our dedicated Volunteer Coaches. 

The club is proud of all our registered players whether they make Rep Sides or just play for fun.  Apart from the Under 15s the club also has a group of players currently competing as part of SEQ Poinsettias teams in a carnival in Cairns this Week.
Under 13s - Tepa Arokapiti, Stanley Jackson, Tahu Kingi, and Liam Su'a
Under 16s - Corey Allan, George Halaufia and Reece Manning
Under 16s Girls - Stephanie Earley

A story that has come to the clubs attention from an Under 8s Coach - "Hi my name is Jason Glover this is my 3rd season at Logan brother footy club.  I started coaching in 2012 with under 6s now we are at under 8s level.  During this time my boys have played 67 games including trials and carnival matches as a team.  I think the key to a great side is great parents that are dedicated and bring there boys to all trainings and games and the commitment of the boys themselves.  And the biggest thing is to have a good assistant coach like I have had since under 6s in Kane Trew we both have the same goals and together we plan to take the boys right to the top as they progress through there football careers . In closing I would like to thank Logan Brothers for giving me this chance to coach some of Logan's future NRL players."


We also had a couple of teams in the mini ranks of our club share players over the past weekend with other clubs when a few of their players could not get to the game.  Rather than out number them, they chose to even up the sides and have fun.  Under 7 Red (LB1 S4), Under 7 Yellow (S4) and Under 9 White (S4) all helped out their opposition teams.  With jerseys inside out or wearing opposition colours they played against their own team mates in the true spirit of the game.

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