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Last weekend was the women in league round with 2 of our teams wearing the Pink Socks in support.  This was great to see.

Under 11 Prems

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Well Done to our Under 13 Div 1 team.

It is not very often that somebody takes the time to give praise to another team, but our under 13 Div 1 team obviously made such a good impression that the club received the email below.


Date: 24/03/13 4:41 PM
From: Tracy & Bob Cripps <">bobinblack1@bigpond.com>; Add to address book
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Subject: What a great bunch of boys
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To whom it may concern,
Our under 13s Div 1 team played your under 13s Div 1 team out at Wacol today.
I am just letting you know what a great team of boys you have.
Our boys only had 10 players & your boys kept their spirit alive the whole game.
They were telling our boys “To keep their heads up”, “You boys are playing great for a team with 10 players”
The spectators on the side line were cheering the Wests Mitchie boys on as well.
What a great bunch of boys you have!
And to the spectators Thanks for all your kind words.
The boys came of the field smiling even though they got beaten.
Great work boys!!!
Just thought you should know what nice spectators & boys you have
for that team.
Wishing your under 13s the best of luck this year!
Yours sincerely
Bob & Tracy Cripps


It is my sad job to report that over the 'Australia Day' long weekend the Logan Brothers Clubhouse was broken into on 2 occasions.  This is truly sad that anybody would want to steal from Logan Brothers Rugby League Club, let alone do it on an occasion such a Australia Day when it should be a celebration of our great nation.

Friday Night around 10:15 a call was received from our security company to advise an alarm had been activated, it was found that half a brick was thrown through one of the back windows and somebody had gained access to the clubhouse.  Taken on this occasion was our prized Signed and Framed Cameron Smith's Australian Jersey from 2007 and our Signed and Framed Canberra Raiders Jersey.

Tuesday afternoon around 4:50 a call was received from our security company to advise an alarm had been activated, it was found a rock was thrown through our side glass door and somebody had gained access to the clubhouse.  On this occasion a committee member had turned up and scared the would be thieves away.  Somebody training on our fields spotted two young lads running away from the clubhouse (one of them was wearing a blue basketball jersey and hat).

Apart from the financial cost to the club, the jerseys mean more to the club than any price that they can be sold for.  This is the clubs history and we would really like the thieves to return to them to us undamaged.  For those of you who are past or present members of Logan Brothers please help keep an eye on our clubhouse should you be in the area.  If we can all act as extra security maybe we can deter them from coming back and getting anything else.

 raiders aust


Logan Brothers recently hosted the QRL Launch of Harmony Day. 

More on the QRL website http://www.qrl.com.au/default.aspx?s=article-display&id=71100&title=police-hit-petero-with-

See the video of the QRL Harmony Program Launch

group - harmony day

petro - harmony day

This event will be in the same week as Harmony Day, a day of cultural respect held annually on 21 March and managed at a federal level by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.  Harmony Day coincides with the United Nations International Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.The message of Harmony Day is Everyone Belongs. In 2013 the theme is: Many Stories – One Australia. 

The QRL was successful in obtaining funding under the Diversity and Social Cohesion Program administered by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to conduct the QRL Harmony program. The project will focus on humanitarian refugees and new arrivals from Burma, Thailand and several African countries who are now residing in the Logan area. We are looking at launching the program on Harmony Day.

Logan has a significant number of recent migrants of non-English speaking background, who are socially isolated and have integration issues related to language barriers and cultural differences. The communities they live in have a strong sporting culture, which underpins the bonding of young people and families in the area. As the migrants and families have neither the language nor the history of participation in the sport, there are clear barriers to integration. Research has found that there is low representation of young people of culturally and linguistially diverse background represented in community sport and leadership roles. The project aims to increase opportunities for identified groups to participate in community life through sporting activities (young people) and volunteering (parents).

A six week pilot project in NSW testing our proposed methodology has shown that integrating activities that build confidence and resilience, coupled with sporting skill development, can markedly increase the integration of young people into mainstream sporting activities which in turn accelerates their acceptance by their peer group within the community. We believe that by running this program over a 12 month period as a rolling program with follow up activities at a local club level, we will see significant benefit both to the refugees new arrivals and the local community.

It will encourage acceptance and understanding of diversity, and developing mutual respect and understanding, thus leading to greater harmony between refugees and the communities in which they settle. Our program is open to male and female participants, which itself gives a strong message about Australian culture. Other than the physical activities of learning to play rugby league, the program will  include a series of health messages based on the PDHPE Syllabus that adopts the strand of Self and Relationships. The program is designed to incorporate messages such as teamwork, respect, developing a positive sense of self, setting goals and finding inspiration, which the participants can then use to establish meaningful and respectful relationships.

The program facilitators will be from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and therefore the interactive teaching styles will be suited to the target group. This opens up numerous participation and inclusion opportunities for the participants as rugby league is a popular social activity, but is also played in schools and enjoyed by many in the community as spectators. Junior rugby league clubs tend to have large numbers of members and are diverse and inclusive, so once the basic skills are taught there are great opportunities for meaningful relationships to be created. There is also an opportunity to engage the participants in modified, minimal contact social versions of the game, which may be more suited to some of the participants as either a preferred choice or 'softer' introduction to the game, but one that still provides the clear opportunities to enjoy participation and develop a clear understanding of the game and its rules, thus allowing greater social interaction.

The project will teach the younger people how to play the game of rugby league, work with others and engage with them as part of a team, and find inspiration to set and achieve goals in life. These things mirror some of the lessons that Rugby League through a range of its community programs deliver to children within the school system, so provides an intensive program to support new migrants in understanding and fitting into Australian culture. The adults will be offered the opportunity to participate as spectators and volunteers within clubs.




Training should be starting for all age groups (except the Under 6's) next week.  Up to Date training list will be posted over the weekend.


The club has allocated Saturday 2nd February, Sunday 3rd February, Saturday 9th February and Sunday 10th February 2013 between the hours of 10am and 2pm as our official sign on days.  Club paperwork can be downloaded (PDF) and bring with you already completed.  PLEASE NOTE - There is other paperwork that will need to be signed at the club by both player and parent.  NEW PLAYERS TO LOGAN BROTHERS WILL NEED A BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR PASSPORT AT SIGN ON.


Sign on Fees for Juniors will be $100 per player, with players participating in the Under 6 paying $60 per player.  All fees need to be paid in full prior to the commencement of the season.    Due to new uniforms this year the club will assist in payment of 1 pair of shorts per player, more information at sign on.

New Uniforms

girls web

PLEASE NOTE:- The girls uniform is for the Junior Girls team (15-17 years)

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