Logan Brothers Rugby League Club
Opens Fundraiser

It was great to see our women players have fun on Saturday night after a great game of football which saw them put on a brilliant display against Burleigh Heads.

Come and enjoy a night listening to great, live music and enjoying the company of good friends. 
A light supper will be provided.

Help support all our senior teams:- Open Women's, Open Prems, Open 20s, Open 1 and Open 4



Well done to the team, Coach (Paul McGrath), Manager (Gracey McGrath) and trainers, and those committee members and volunteers that managed to make it to the end of what was a big day at the club.


Subject: U18 Div 1 team

To all involved,

Just had to comment on Logan Brothers U18 Div 1 team.

Even though they beat Banyo on Sunday the way the club officials, team coaching and management  ran the show was second to none (except Banyo).

Hats off to the young men that represented  your club, they played tough but fair and even after the win were humble, they are a credit to your club and Logan in general.

Thanks from the Banyo U18 div 1 coaching staff.


Craig Wessling


Logan Brothers Rugby League Club

Sunday 30th June 2013

8:00am     Teams start arriving at field

8:30am     All teams to be registered for the games and match report completed.

9:00am     First round of games to commence

4 Games to be played at a time with all games starting and finishing at the same time, rules attached.

12:00pm   Players lunch break

-      Semi Final teams announced

12:30pm   Semi Finals commence

2:00pm    Presentation to winners

                Announcement of Merit side.


SPONSORS:-  LUCRF (providing funding); 5Star Sports; Marsden Trophies; Waterford Fruit Mart (supplying fresh fruit for players); IGA (supplying water and food for Referees)


Five Star Sports 11’s 9aside Challenge




·        Each team consists of 9 players and 5 interchange players.

·        Unlimited interchange.

·        Scrums are replaced by turnovers.

·        A team surrenders possession if the dummy half is tackled.

·        2 x 10 minute halves and a 5 minute half time break – pool games, semi finals and preliminary finals only.

·        2 x 15 minute halves and a 5 minute half time break – Grand Final only.

·        No kicks for goal.

·        No time off for injury.

·        The referee will blow his/her whistle 1 minute before kick off and resumption of play after half time to allow teams to get back onto the field.

·        Games start and finish on the siren.

·        Time on will be called whether or not your team is ready.

·        The traditional kick off; will only take place at the start of the game and the resumption of play after the half time break. On all other occasions a tap kick will be taken by the non scoring team.

·        Players 1 to 9 on the match report must take the field first in every game.

·        Players from clubs with multiple teams participating must remain with the team they played their first game for with the exception of injury – FAO Darryn Klein will have the final say on injury.

·        All teams will play a minimum of three games which will be played in 4 pools – pool qualifiers will progress to the next round.

·        Non qualifiers will be eliminated.

·        From the semi finals onwards the competition becomes a knock out.

·        Two points will be awarded for the win, one point each for the draw and one point to the half time leader. If tied at half time ½ a point will be awarded to each team.

·        After the pool rounds in order to determine the eligibility of teams to progress, where they are tied on points, the for and against system will be used.

·        To determine winners in the semi finals and preliminary finals where teams are tied on points at full time the golden point system will come into play – 5 minutes each way or until the first points are scored. If after the 5 minutes of extra time the scores are still level the points for and against will be used.

·        In the Grand Final where teams are tied on points at the end of extra time joint winners will be announced.

Well done to all our teams in the Chairmans Trophy.

11 Division 2 South Logan Brothers  16  Vs Slacks Creek  6
12 Division 2 South Logan Brothers 30  Vs Forest Lake  10 
13 Premier Green Logan Brothers  8  Vs Souths  34 
14 Premier Logan Brothers  10  Vs Redcliffe  24
14 Div 1 Logan Brothers  28  Vs Redcliffe  0 
15 Premier Logan Brothers  36 Vs Sunnybank  10
16 Division 2 Logan Brothers  22 Vs Beenleigh  14 
16 Premier Logan Brothers 24  Vs Easts  12

Chairman's Trophy Round

Congratulation to the following teams for making the Chairman's Trophy

11 Division 2 South  Vs Slacks Creek  @ 9:00am Brandon Park (Souths)
12 Division 2 South  Vs Forest Lake  @ 12:45pm Brandon Park (Souths)
13 Premier Green  Vs Souths  @ 9:00am Leo Williams Oval (Carina)
14 Premier  Vs Redcliffe  @ 12:00pm  Emerson Park (Valleys)
14 Div 1  Vs Redcliffe  @ 10:30am  Emerson Park (Valleys)
15 Premier  Vs Sunnybank  @ 12:00pm Leo Williams Oval (Carina)
16 Division 2  Vs Beenleigh  @1:15pm  WJ Scott Park (Easts)
16 Premier  Vs Easts  @ 3:00pm Leo Williams Oval (Carina)

Chairmans Trophy Team List (download)

Chairmans Trophy Memo (download)

Some of Logan Brothers Under 10 got to meet Queenslands State of Origin stars at the team announcement held at Brisbane Botanical Gardens.  See some of the photo's below.

soo 1

soo 3

soo 4

soo 5.

Our 3 State of Origin Stars (and Sam Thaiday) with possible future stars for the club.

soo 2

More Photo's on the QRL website  http://www.qrl.com.au/default.aspx?s=photo-gallery&galleryid=5409&photoid=75717&title=QLD-Team-Announcement-Gallery