This has been issued to all clubs in the GBJRL.

PLEASE REFER TO ATTACHED MEMO FROM GBJRL - What will happen if the Code of Conduct is not followed (Under 18 Div 2 - Inala Vs Cannon Hill)

These initiatives within are a Joint Policy formulated by the GBJRL Management Committee and the Executive of the Brisbane Rugby League Referees Association to address any possible unsavoury aspects surrounding our game.

These procedures as listed will be enforced from this weekend and will continue into 2014 and beyond.

Everyone should also be reminded of the GBJRL Codes of Conduct and the rules regarding the Judiciary and Disciplinary processes.

If everyone takes on the responsibility of ensuring that our games are played in the right spirit, both on and off the field, I am confident we can set a standard envied by all other junior leagues in the country.

I thank you for your anticipated support with the implementation and adherence of this Policy.


Shane Mc Nally
Operation Manager GBJRL



Greater Brisbane Junior Rugby League and the Brisbane Rugby League Referees Association - Joint Policy GBJRL Finals Series


Conduct of players, Team Staff and Spectators


PLAYERS: Subject to the International Laws of the Game, Section 15 – Player’s Misconduct and in addition any player striking another player during the game will receive a minimum penalty of ten (10) minutes in the sin bin.

Refer also to GBJRL Rule 40.27 - ‘Abuse of an Official by a player’ and 40.28 - ‘Violent conduct on or off the field by a player’.


Referees will enforce the following disciplinary procedure in relation to a player swearing during the 2013 Finals Series games.

Level 1            If a player uses foul language near a referee in frustration that is not likely to be heard by other players nor spectators and is not threatening, the player will be cautioned. Any further similar offences will be penalised.

Level 2            If a player uses foul language loud enough for other players and/or spectators to hear, the player will be penalised and cautioned.

Level 3            If a player uses foul and/or threatening language or gestures to other players and/or spectators or uses non-threatening foul language directed at any match official, the player will be penalised and sent to the sin bin.

Level 4            If a player verbally abuses or uses threatening language or gestures directed at a match official, duty official or ground manager the player is to be dismissed from the field.

The following rules and procedures will apply to all on field team staff; league Safe Officers (LSOs) and First Aid Officers (FAOs). See GBJRL Rules Section 30 (coaches and league safe officers).

LSOs must:

  1. Not coach either on the field, from the sideline or standing behind the dead ball line;
  2. Leave the field and return to the dugout area as soon as their team loses possession of the football;
  3. Not loiter on the field in back play, travel along the sidelines, stand behind the goal posts or on the opposite side of the field to their team’s dugout;
  4. Not unnecessarily cause delays in the game e.g. providing water to players at scrums; and
  5. Comply with all directions given to them by the referee, touch judge, duty official and ground manager.

Consequences of breaches LSOs:

Level 1            The referee will verbally instruct LSO of the breach, on the run if possible or use a regular stoppage in play to caution the LSO.

Level 2            The referee will stop play and explain the breach to the LSO and inform that person that a subsequent breach will result in them being removed from the field for the remainder of the match.

Level 3            The referee will stop the game, call the duty official onto the field and instruct the Duty Official to remove the LSO from the field and that they can take no further part in the game.

Level 4            If the LSO refuses to leave the field of play or subsequently re-enters the field of play after being directed to leave the referee will terminate the game and forward a report to the GBJRL.

Procedures for duty officials on spectator misconduct:

  1. If a spectator is abusive and/or violent during play, the duty officials must ask the spectator to comply with the Code of Conduct.
  2. The duty officials are required to immediately alert the referee of continued unacceptable spectator behaviour.
  3. If the duty official so alerts the referee or the referee otherwise decides that any one or more spectators are engaging in unacceptable behaviour, the referee will temporarily suspend the game to allow for the duty official to address the behaviour
  4. If the unacceptable behaviour continues the referee will terminate the game and send a report to the GBJRL.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the GBJRL determines that a game is terminated because of the conduct of a coach, team staff and/or spectators of a particular team, that team will be deemed to have forfeited the game irrespective of the score at the time. This also will have an influence on the makeup of the remaining Finals Series matches.